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Resilience to Win!

Resilience has bubbled up to the top as a critical skill in these Covid19 times and yet it’s always been there as an unspoken, necessary ingredient of human existence and growth!

Resilience – the ability to deal with and recover from difficult situations and move forward, is being tested today, across the world. Covid19 – brought to us for the first time in our generation, a universal experience of uncertainty, anxiety on several fronts, including economic turmoil, fear of losing family and friends and to many, the sad loss of family and friends. Is it no wonder then that Resilience is topping the charts!

And yet, Resilience is what has always enabled recovery, revival, renewal and growth – for individuals, families, communities and organizations! We do not need a crisis to grow, but we need Resilience to energize and revitalize the human spirit to achieve success! Resilience has two sides – the side that helps us through difficult times, both big and small and the less considered, but hugely important side of stimulating us to risk and navigate new and diverse experiences, relationships, products, strategies and markets. Both sides are critical for success. Resilience therefore is an essential skill that we all need to cultivate and build, to bolster our capability for our emotional and mental health, to embrace diversity, for strong family ties, for thriving communities, teams and organizations.

Resilience does not imply being stoic, being tough without emotion, rather it is the courage to be vulnerable and live through the uncertainty, day to day stress, the anxiety of trying something new and challenging, the grief and pain of tragic circumstances and to counter it with the resolve to move forward, explore choices, focus on what helps, and what can be done. Resilience is also fortified through a positive lens, compassion for self and others, connection and courage. As Mark Twain said – ‘Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not the absence of fear”. Resilience can be built, nurtured and developed. We have all learnt to be more resilient and comfortable with our current crisis through our experience of living through it for more than a year. Great athletes build their skill through training, rigorous practice and coaching. Building Resilience would serve us well as a life skill – through Covid19 and beyond!

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