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Individual Coaching, Group Workshops, HR Consulting Areas

Getting Coffee


Maximize your success and your potential

  • Executive/ Leadership Coaching

  • High Potential Coaching

  • Skills Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching for Women

  • Life Coaching

Coaching involves working with executives/ individuals typically for 6 -12 months, in areas that are of great value to them and where they are keen to make significant improvements. Coaching is customized to each individual's needs and will be done virtually. Zip Coaching for 1 -3 months is also available. The focus is on achieving accelerated results and takes the individual through a journey of self-discovery, insight, action and accountability, leading to success.

Key to Success


Achieve your goals and take you and your business to the next level

Here are some examples of Coaching outcomes and topics.  Each Coaching engagement will be customized to address your need. 


* Stronger results and goal achievement

* Enhance energy and productivity

* Increase team engagement 

* Increase retention of talent

* Boost stakeholder satisfaction

* Career Growth and satisfaction

* Lead Change successfully


  • Leading Remote/ Hybrid teams

  • Balancing Strategy & Execution

  • Enhancing Executive Presence

  • Peak Personal Energy & Productivity

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Enhancing Interpersonal relationships

  • Achieving Goals and Priorities

  • Building Resilience

  • Managing Change and Transition

Business Meeting


Enhance Personal and Leadership Effectiveness

Design and facilitate Leadership and professional development curriculums and workshops for leaders, women leaders, high potentials and individual contributors, including specific current topics:

- Leading Remote Teams to Success Workshop

A 1.5 hour interactive virtual workshop that helps leaders of remote and hybrid teams with strategies and approaches to achieve results and strong team 

performance, increase engagement, build team collaboration and foster a positive work culture.

- Building Resilience Workshop

A 1.5 hour interactive virtual workshop that helps leaders and individuals accomplish more, increase energy, strengthen relationships and problem solve in challenging situations at work and in personal life.

- Productivity to Win Workshop

A 1.5 hour interactive workshop that helps leaders and individuals enrich their planning, organizing and time management skills to achieve their goals and priorities faster, with greater motivation and impact, in a calm and effective way.

Other Topics (1.5 hour Interactive, Virtual workshops)

Communicating with Impact

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Attracting and Building Teams

Motivating and Engaging Employees

Managing Performance



Leverage the potential of your people through design & development of strategies & programs

HR Strategy

Interim or Outsourced HR Services

Leadership Assessment - Selection  & Development 

Talent Management & Succession 


Employee Engagement & Retention

Performance Management

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